Monday, 25 August 2014

Stock pick of the day : MARRIOTT INC NEW

Recommendation : Buy above $68.75
Target $70.50

Mariott Inc New is overall in bullish trend and is sustaining at higher levels on chart. Traders can buy 

the stock above the level of $68.75 which is a near term resistance level for the stock, and if it manages 

to breach this level further bullish movement is expected in this stock to test the levels of $70.50.

Stock is in bullish trend for near term and price is sustaining above the trend line and with good 

consolidation and trend line breakout on daily intraday chart. Near term breach of resistance level of 

$68.75 is expected, which would trigger bullish sentiment in the stock to test the levels of $70.50.

RSI is trading with positive bias and in MACD signal line is sustaining above MACD line which is 

indicating bullish sentiment in the stock.